Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dispatches From a "Post-Racial" America: "Annie," Judges, and Students! Oh My!

   By T.M. Bonner

     I started this series to highlight that racism is a persistent social problem in America that must be confronted and solved. And, no, the election of President Barack Obama didn't mean the defeat of racism. In fact, it only gave it a new urgency.

    As long as there is news, there will be "Dispatches From a "Post-Racial" America." I don't have a successor to helm this blog lined up. So let's get to solving this problem in my lifetime, shall we?

    Click on the links to the left to read the latest dispatches of news across "post-racial" America...because living in denial is never a good thing.











Monday, March 03, 2014

Dispatches from a "Post-Racial" America…because living in denial is never a good thing

The Only 'Best Film' Oscar ever awarded to a film Directed by a black person in the entire history of the Academy Awards brings out the Internet haters.   

The example below is just one of many - and came courtesy of the message boards of The Hollywood Reporter